FAQ for study admission to Poland
by ms. Vlad J.,
Immigration Specialist in Polish Legalization Centre
Why should I move to Poland?
This is one of the fastest growing economy of Europe. Poland has 2nd place of employment among other European countries. It means that after (or within) study period you can find good job there.
Why should I take admission in WWSB university?
University has qualified professors. They created actual program which correlates to the modern situation on the labour market. They are not operating with outdated knowledges. Studying hard and following the program you can fully gain all knowledge to work in related branch.
When does the study start? It will be online or with physical classes?
University will begin a winter semester in October 2021. The mode of study depends on current regulations. Mostly it will be hybrid.
Does the university helps with employment?
It has particular summer programs for internships and part-time job (depends on specialioty you choose). Normally it doesn't cause the problem to find a job when you have student status and TRC in Poland.
Which documents I need for admission?
To check whether your profile will be accepted you have to send us in WhatsApp +48 739 096 399 or email best.support@polish-centre.com your 1-st page of passport, residence permit (if any), school diploma, Bachelor's diploma (if you apply for Master's program).
How long should I wait to get to know if I'm eligible for study?
It depends. The closer deadline is the harder is to get verified. If you start as "early bird", you may wait 1-2 business days to check eligibility. In august time normally is 7-14 days.
What is offer letter, acceptance or invitation letter?
Offer letter is provided when your profile is accepted by higher commission. In the offer letter you will find the details needed for study fee payment. After the payment will be accepted by University they will provide you invitation and acceptance letters.
How long should I wait for invitation letter after payment?
Normally payment can reach university within 7 days. Same day when it is received the invitation letter can be created.
Do I need English certificate?
If the official language of your origin country is English or your previous study was held in English, then you are free of having language certificate. Otherwise you will have interview with recruitment officer.
My diploma is in different language (not English).
Provide the photos of your diploma certificates to our office email. After acceptance of your profile you will need to translate it into English by using sworn translator.
Can I get invitation letter in original for my visa?
Yes, of course. It will be delivered to you before the visa appointment. Before that you will get scan copy.
When is best time to find the apartments to live in Warsaw? What are the prices for accommodation in Warsaw?
Before middle of September is a best time otherwise there will be a flow of students coming back to Warsaw and looking for a flats. You need to plan your trip in advance. Prices in student dorms start from 500 zł per person. Place in apartment starts from 900 zł. The price for 1 room flat normally starts from 1800 zł.
What are the study fees? Should I pay for whole year?
Price for 1 year of study on any of program costs 2900 EUR. 100 EUR is additional registration charge.

In July university has great promotion "Early Bird" which means that 1-st year of study will cost you 2400 EUR (500 EUR promotion) but only in JULY 2021.

You should cover full year cost in order to get a visa.
Which programs are available?
BA, MA in Logistics, Management and National Security.
MBA, Language Programs and recently launched Clinical Psychology (5 years course).
What are the prices for PLC services?
How do we accept the payment?
Our services cost 500 euro (250 when we start admission and 250 after visa is granted). That price is gross (means it includes taxes) and doesn't include the university fees, health insurance or transportation. That price covers only visa fee.

You can pay in bank transfer only directly on account of Polish Legalization Centre sp. z o.o. and get invoice.
Does the PLC helps with visa procedure? What are other services of Polish Legalization Centre?
On request of our clients we can assist in visa process. Moreover we can meet you in airport to help you in reaching university. We can also help you to find accommodation in Warsaw.
When should I submit documents for Temporary Residence Permit in Poland (TRC card)?
The right time will be once you reach Poland, mark in university and finish the admission. It means you need to meet with admission office of WWSB, provide them with originals of diploma, sign applications and get your student ID card. It will take 2-3 weeks. After that you can start process your TRC in Poland.
What are the benefits for students in Poland?
Being a student in Poland you are free of work permit. If you are under 26 years old you are not obligated to pay Social Insurance and Income taxes. Your gross salary is your net salary. It means that being a student it is much easier to find a job without waiting for work permit and make savings on taxes.
Any more questions?
Contact me:
Vlad J., Immigration Specialist
in Polish Legalization Centre
+48 739 096 399 (WhatsApp)
ul. Prosta 70, 00-838 Warsaw, Poland