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Formal defects
First challenge of TRC process
Formal defects are the most important to be figure out. Only after clearing up of formal defects (like fingerprints, or załącznik) your TRC case is officially started.
Some statistics
Majority of foreigners submit TRC application by Post or Kancelaria of Urząd Wojewódzki
By Post
Fingerprints will be in 1-2 months
By Kancelaria
Fingerprints will be in 1-2 months
Directly at Immigration Office
Fingerprints will be in 1 day
What do the Formal Defects include?

1) 2 copies of passport + 2 copies of current TRC;
2) Translation of foreign TRC (if any);
3) Administrative fee (340, 440, 640...up to the application type)
4) 4 colored photos (with 70% of face area)
5) Fingerprints;
6) Personal attendance;
7) Attachment no.1 to application form (Załącznik nr. 1 do wniosku)

How much time Immigration Office
gives to submit all formal defects?
7-14 days
f.e. in Warsaw, Lodż, Gdańsk
30 days
f.e. in Wrocław, Poznań
60 days
f.e. in Bydgoszcz
"My employer doesn't know what is "Załącznik nr 1".
I'm a first foreigner in his career"

Anna, Bydgoszcz
Download the draft and ask your employer to fill it up.
It will take maximum 2 minutes.
Stamp will be granted if:

1. You've submitted TRC application while being legal in Poland,
2. All formal defects are figured out on time.

Read more about stamp in passport in our article.

Any time
Online or Office Meeting
Price: 50 euro
Book 1 hour meeting with
our Immigration Specialist.
Need legal consultation?
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