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How long the TRC process really takes?
Only God knows.
Time of process on 80% depends on Immigration Office. You can control only 20%.
What includes 80%?

1) Input of information from TRC application form into "Pobyt 2" system,
2) Prime verification of submitted package by post (by Poczta Polska),
3) Preparing and sending of fingerprint letter invitation,
4) Appointment in Foreign Department with you to submit biometrics,
5) Again the Input of information into "Pobyt 2" system,
6) Again the verification of submitted package,
7) Sending request to Border Guard, Police and Security Service of Poland to check your stay,
8) Sending the letter with a list of documents required for TRC in Poland,
9) Getting positive/negative answers from the Border Guard, Police and Security Service,
10) Verification of submitted documents and making of a final opinion,
11) Case review with Power of Attorney in Immigration Office (if needed),
12) Preparing of project of decision,
13) Updating "Pobyt 2" system and online status,
14) Ordering the plastic card from production factory,
15) Updating "Pobyt 2" system and online status, (or sending sms),
16) Meeting with you in Immigration Office to collect a residence card,
17) Pandemic safety measurements in Immigration Office.

Of course in the process Immigration Office interacts with: Post Office, Police, Border Guard, Security service. It makes process time also depending on them.

By the way the average amount of people changing in Immigration Office during your case is 6-7.

Also sometimes "Pobyt 2" system has bugs. 3 times per 1 year fingerprints system is out of services.

What includes 20%?

1) Preparation of application form, needed statements,
2) Collection all the necessary documents which are required,
3) Fast submission of fingerprints, extra documents submission.

Remember if you change employer, university, place of living - it delays the TRC process.
Average duration (based on statistics):

Students - 5-9 months
Employees - 7-9 months
Businessmen - 10-12 months
Family members - 7-9 months
"When I will get my card? My friend got 2 months again. We apply on same university and where is my card now?"

Vivek, Warsaw
Process time is uniq for every applicant. Don't rely on your friend who got TRC in 3 months and you are waiting 8 months.
Which conditions must be fulfilled to get a card fast:

1. No missing documents,
2. Perfect police history,
3. Perfect EU entrance-exit history,
4. One single inspector who controls the case from beginning till the end,
5. No delivery problems,
6. No bugs in "Pobyt 2" system and fingerprints system,
7. Perfect tax history,
8. Good TRC history in past.
9. Accelerate the case correctly!

Just accept it and make your best, which depends only on you.
They will also make their best if they see your effords.
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