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Endless legal stay in Poland
Absolutely not recommended
An administrative case is a case of a petition of a legal entity to the state, administrative authority or municipal employee.
The fact that a foreigner applied for a residence permit card (or even permanent residence) means that he initiated the administrative process.
TRC submission during legal stay in Poland, as well as submission of all Formal Defects on time - starts the administrative process
A foreigner can be in Poland on the basis of:

1. Visa,
2. Card of residence,
3. Biometric passport,
4. Past administrative case.
Just imagine. One foreigner came to Poland on a work basis. He received D-type visa previously. Then he submitted for TRC from that employer. Before the decision issue his employer terminates a contract and submits notification to the Immigration Office. Soon the negative decision will come.

Just to save some time the foreigner submits appeal against negative decision. It makes him legal further, cause negative decision is not coming into power until the final decision comes from Head Office (Taborowa).

Then his new employer from which he supposed to get his TRC terminates the contract due to pandemic. He decides to upgrade his skills and take some rest of work.

He takes some classes and applies for new TRC as a student of Bachelor Degree of one private university.

In a while the negative decision will come from Head Office because of leak of work documents, but he doesn't care because he already took classes and submitted new file while he was legal in Poland on the basis of old file.

With time the university drops the program and he decided not continue classes on a program which he doesn't prefer. Then what?

Right! Negative decision, appeal and... dzień dobry - the
circle is closed.
"I'm getting rejections and again submit application every 6 month. Yesterday I was verified by border guard - they told that everything is ok"

Vladimir, Warszawa
The main thing which you need to remember, if you decided to go this way

The basis of application must be different.

You can not handle appeal in Work basis and again submit in Work. They simply will refuse to consider your case.

One of the reasons when people become illegal after such approach for life in Poland

This is to get negative decision and immediately apply for a new case without appealing the old one.

Next wrong thing is to think that after negative decision your are legal because of pandemic and you can apply any time for a new case. Pandemic doesn't give you a right to do it after you have 30 days to leave the country. It only prolongs the period of 30 days.

Pandemic doesn't not last forever.

Anyway, we are advising you to follow all the rules, and even you followed that way of application, you can do it 1 time, 2 times but not as a tradition. Behave clearly in Poland because this country opens hurt and all opportunities for development for you.
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