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How to get stamp in passport?
More desired than TRC?
Stamp can be required when you:

1) Join new company or extend the old contract,
2) Got admitted in university,
3) Want to get PESEL and Meldunek,
and in many other cases when it is needed to prove your legal stay in Poland.
Stamp is only the confirmation that you applied for TRC when you was legal in Poland and also that you submitted all formal defects on time. But...
Rejection to put stamp doesn't mean illegal stay
You can prove that you are legal in Poland by:

Stamp on your application from Kancelaria office.

-=- Invitation for fingerprints and small stamps on every bullet of summon that your documents were submitted with the date of real submission.

-=- Requesting Immigration Office by online request form to prove that formal defects were submitted on time.

-=- Submitting the request to provide you with written proof of legal stay which costs just 17 zł.
"I was thinking that I'm illegal because they simple rejected to give me stamp without reason!"

Victor, Warszawa
Yes. They can reject.
Why? Because.
-=- Inspector may be not authourised,

-=- You may be illegal,

-=- They are waiting for the proof that you picked up the invitation letter and submitted formal defects on time,

-=- Bad mood of the officer,

Have you ever been facing with problems to get stamp?
This is interesting
So how to get it finally?
Wait for the update in your online profile:

If still you do not have this link after 1 month from submission of fingerprints, keep writing them letters and emails. Soon this option will appear in "Status Sprawy".

Due to Coronavirus Pandemic state Immigration Office Cancelled all the possibilities to get a stamp after submission date. So the only thing which is left now to fight with them at the date of fingerprints submission.

By the way, here you can see Ustawa z dnia 12 grudnia 2013 r. o cudzoziemcach. This is the article from the foreign law which states about their duty to put a stamp in your passport:

Art. 108. 1. Jeżeli termin na złożenie wniosku o udzielenie cudzoziemcowi zezwolenia na pobyt czasowy został zachowany i wniosek nie zawiera braków formalnych lub braki formalne zostały uzupełnione w terminie:

1) wojewoda umieszcza w dokumencie podróży cudzoziemca odcisk stempla potwierdzającego złożenie wniosku o udzielenie zezwolenia na pobyt czasowy;

2) pobyt cudzoziemca na terytorium Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej uważa się za legalny od dnia złożenia wniosku do dnia, w którym decyzja w sprawie udzielenia zezwolenia na pobyt czasowy stanie się ostateczna

Hope it will help you to get you desired stamp!
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