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How to appeal negative decision in TRC process?
Few words before you'll jump into full darkness
Negative decision can be issued to any person.

No one can guarantee you the positive decision.
Nobody at all.
If you have received a negative decision, from the moment of picking up the letter - you have 14 days to appeal it.

Otherwise you have 30 days to live the country.

And yes. Current coronavirus pandemic situation in Poland in 2020 makes your stay legal until its termination.
Translate negative decision, or ask Polish friend to help. Did it?

Ok. Now lets check what is your reason of rejection and how to appeal.
"They have rejected to me because Police didn't find the place where I live?! Police couldn't find or didn't want to find? "

Diego, applicant in Immigration Office in Kraków
-=- Missing documents. You have delayed with documentation or your papers were not following the requirements of Office of Foreigners.

-=- University or Employer is blacklisted. Your application is connect with them and now they are not passing through the system to be accepted by Immigration Office.

-=- Illegal stay. You submitted the case on the basis of previous appeal case which was finished before new submission? Or maybe you submitted documents late?

-=- Police couldn't check your residence or work place. They couldn't identify your address in their system.

-=- No strong reason to stay in Poland. You didn't prove the progress of work, study or business.
Not agree with decision?
You have right to submit appeal and fight till the end. For that you have to prepare appeal letter with all needed arguments.

To make appeal accepted you can even write single phrase at the middle "Nie zgadzam się" (which means that you are not agree). But if you want to get positive decision at the end of process - you have to describe your position in full, showing the articles which were broken by Immigration Office, attaching all the needed proofs.

Of course it will be much more efficient if you will ask Polish Legalization Centre to help you with preparation of appeal.

What do you think is a real time for appeal process?
This is interesting
How long the appeal can be considering?

It very much depends on a type of TRC. People can normally wait from 1.5 months and till...infinity

Just imagine that some of people are waiting for the final decision since 2016.

The chance of positive decision after appeal is 100 times higher after appeal process.

Your status portal will not be working till final decision will be issued. You will get it by post and sms about card collection will come to you or your lawyer.

Just take care very precisely about documents which were the reason of refusal. Submit all, better 2 times. Call them and ask if they have received the documents after 1 month from the appeal day.
Thank's for reading us!

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