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What is Temporary Residence Card (TRC) in Poland?
3 letters that divide life into before and after
TRC is a Temporary Residence Permit Card which is been given for a long term stay purpose like study, work, business, family reunification and so on.
Usually people name it with "Residence card", "Residence Permit", "Card of stay" and even the "Work Permit"!
Issued TRC will be based on your stay and will be valid not longer than 3 years and not less than 3 months.
-=- Submitting all the documents you need to be perfectly prepared with all the documentation at once.

-=- Re-submissions of documents may delay the waiting time.

-=- By submitting too much of documents (which are not necessary) you make process long and risky.

-=- Every document from your side can be considered and Immigration Office can ground their decision on it.

-=- In case if any of your documents are expiring within 6 months - you have a risk to get rejection or to get a very short validity card.
"Waking up at 3 to reserve the place in the line for documents submission"

Anna, applicant in Immigration Office in Poznań
How much should you wait for TRC depends on Immigration Office where you submit your TRC application.

F. e. Immigration Offices in Poznań, Wrocław, Katowice are considering TRC applications 8 - 15 months.

But at same time Foreign Office Warsaw, Kraków and Łódż can finalize your case in 3-8 months!

Submission of documents must be in the main city of the district where you are living.
Why Foreign Department takes so much time to consider?

1) Leak of staff. They don't have enough quotes for employing for people,

2) Big amount of applicants. Yes, true. Poland is the very interesting country from a prospective of economics and human environment,

3) Leak of satisfactory communication with applicants to move the case faster. A lot of people just waiting when inspector will contact them to confirm that case is ok, but it never happens.

4) Coronavirus pandemic of 2020.
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How to find the necessary list of documents for TRC application?

Write us. We have a quick cheklists for you. In a while we will create separate articles for each type of TRC where you can see which documents are needed for student card, work TRC, Business Residence... or even the Permanent Residence Permit.
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