Legal Aid in getting Residence Card in Poland
Get quick & cheap health insurance for TRC procedure in Poland
Fulfill the form and book the meeting in our office for collection of insurance
Our clients are getting their Temporary Residence Cards permanently since 2017.

Normally clients are paying 800-1200 zł for health insurance and never use.

Stop wasting money.

Get a Health Insurance in affordable price.
for 2 years old = 480 zł
for 3-24 years old = 384 zł
for 25+ price is 480 zł
Depends on age:
How to calculate the price for insurance with 30 000 euro coverage?
Your data will be carefully
processed to give a promt offer
Get insurance in our office or online in 5 minutes
You can reach us in 20 minutes:

by Bus (20 minutes from Centrum)

by Tram (15 minutes from Centrum)

by walk (20 minutes from Centrum)

Prosta 70, 5th floor, Warsaw
Contact us:
Legal information:
Polish Legalization Centre sp. z o. o., KRS: 0000740860, NIP: 5252757314, Regon: 380831873 Kapitał zakładowy 30 000,00 ZŁ

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