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How to accelerate TRC process?
I need my card today! Maximum tomorrow! At least till end of month...
Submitted all documents but no progress from the side of Immigration Office? How long should you wait more?
1. Breath in and breath out.

2. Check what we are advising you to do.
All that we described below
are the real tools which we use every day in our company.

(those are the only a basic actions which can help you to accelerate the case right within this week)
1. Check all submitted documents before you want to push them. Maybe some of documents are expired or not matching the requirements.

If you will create pressure for them - they will create problem for you. Better to verify case 100 times.

2. After review of case prepare the written letter with a request to consider your case faster. But... not so much in a simple form. Write more widely why you need the card faster.

3. Submit letter by Post (at Poczta Polska), Kancelaria (the main Kancelaria Wojewody) or using token "A" (to get token, follow link) to make letter reach your file properly.

4. Try to submit online letter (in EPUAP) cause still this is a fresh way to communicate with immigration office and they are not so much overloaded. It works really good. Try it!

5. Send online forms via web page (by

6. Call them to ask about case status. Officers can speak English... mostly.
"I'm writing every day - but no answer"

Jakob, Wrocław
The fact that Immigration Office does not reply doesn't mean that they ignore your requests.

Just imagine that your letters are coming every day and Immigration Officer has to register your requests every day! That have to scan it, put into system again and again!

If Foreign Office can not overcome the flux of letters they will not process your TRC case faster.

It will only annoy them.
So, what to do then?

Follow the period of submission a letters, be polite in letters and very consequent in your actions.

Letter with hard complain is not the option!

Guess, how long the TRC process takes?
This is interesting
Pandemic will cause the delays in cases of applicants

However, so much positive decisions we are getting in corona pandemic like never before. Maybe because we are keeping main postulates from that article.

Take into account that Immigration Office can settle the priority of cases up to them. Nobody can make intervention and regulate work. It means that even if you will drop them 1000 of letters it will not guarantee you the faster getting of TRC but also may hurt your case!

Accelerate in a wise and proper way.
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