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How to use INPOL account properly?
How to register a date for TRC application and monitor updates online?
What is INPOL?

Since November 2021 Immigration Office in Warsaw has integrated a digital platform for Residence Permit applicants ("INPOL MAZOWIECKIE"). Step by step it became more clear of bags and true-working online service. It consists of such features:

  • appointments booking,
  • attachment of e-documents,
  • 1-letter communication with inspector,
  • case status verification;

All applicants for Temporary and Permanent residence permit, Long-term EU residence, some types of national visa, Polish citizenship, must be registered in that system before administrative process will be initiated.

If you didn't know about INPOL service and applied for residence permit by post Immigration Office will create this case in INPOL database. Once you will get letter for fingerprints - find an INPOL ID and connect with existing INPOL account.

How fast was the registration in INPOL?
Got you! Just keep reading.
Normally it takes 15 minutes to create account and 1-2 hours to create application form.
Ok, INPOL account is registered, what is next?
The most dramatic point where 90% people give up - is to register a date for submission. It needs cold mind and iron nerves.
Rakesh, applicant in Immigration Office in Warsaw
When you are ready with application - you need to book a date for TRC submission. This process is most time consuming. Everybody knows when the tokens are opening, but what to do if tokens are not showing!

You wait 1-2-3-4 hours, go sleep, wake up, check again, monitoring all day, go sleep, wake up, check again.....

Yes, it is! You need to be enduring and check it non-stop. Because of big traffic on servers this platform fails to give good connection.

If you are loosing the patience and want to print application to submit it by post - think twice. You can wait for Residence Permit x3 time longer.
Our company monitors INPOL tokens every day from 08:00 to 02:00 of next day. We can process registration and help you to get a card.
However if you want to make everything by your own just follow:

1) Register account,
2) Creat application form,
3) Book submission date,
4) Monitor the status and update documents on time.

If you are reading the article as client of Polish Legalization Centre - now you can see how this service actually works.

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